So the rumors are true: we are getting toys for JP:3D this year! Forum member DemonCarnotaur was able to find the first few articles as they are in the system of Toys "R" Us:

Dino battler 297221 $7.99
Dino tracker 272188 $10.99
Growler 295277 $19.99
Battle pack 295334 $29.99

So far no pictures, but the names remind us of the JP2009 toy line. Although a lot of dedicated fans were hoping for more toys, the news was also received with understandable skepticism, since the majority of the fans has a very poor opinion of the toys first released for JP3 and repainted a million times afterward. The main question now is: 'Are we getting repaints AGAIN?' Only time will tell. It's also unclear if the toys will be Toys "R" Us exclusives again. Stay tuned for more news!