Hey folks! As most of you may know, the annual San Diego Comic Con is currently taking place. And of course, Mattel has a big stand in order to promote their Jurassic World line, showing most of what has been released so far, as well as a few yet-to-be-released figures, including a new 6 inches collector series, planned to be released during Fall 2019! This new line was totally unexpected, and raises a lot of hope from fans, as well as some fears that, by splitting the line, Mattel may make the same mistake as Hasbro for their Star Wars line, and lower the overall quality of their brand, especially the 3 3/4" main line. But we need to remember that Mattel definitely isn't Hasbro (the 2018 line speaks for itself), and Mattel representatives were quickly to reassure fans by explaining that this new collector line would be rather small and that the main focus will remain on the historical 3 3/4" line. So, let's keep our hopes up, and marvel at the first three figures revealed: Owen Grady, Blue, and fan-favorite Ian Malcolm from the first JP movie:

But of course, Mattel didn't stop at this reveal, and gave us sneak-peeks at what kind of treats await us for 2019, and trust us, this line shows no sign of slowing down. We'll of course have new human figures to collect (a new Franklin Webb, pictured below, was shown, and there was even a small hint at a potential John Hammond figure), and they confirmed that we'll see 16 new dinosaur species, including a Styracosaurus (a 3D representation was shown, and you can see the figure itself in our "2019 line-up leaked" article), as well as silhouettes of two new full-sized sauropod (unlike JP3's Brachiosaurus or Chaos Effect's Amargospinus): an Action Attack-sized Amargasaurus, as well as, after 25 years of waiting, a Brachiosaurus figure, which appears to be around 2 feet tall and 3 feet long! Yup, you read that right! And if that wasn't enough, word on the street has it that we should be seeing species like Parasaurolophus, Coelurus, Dracorex, Rhamphorhynchus, Plesiosaurus, and of course the Indominus Rex. Better starting to organize your shelves in order to make space for all these new critters! ;)