Hey folks! We know it's still early for next year's checklist, but our forum member and friend Diamondback managed to gather a lot of intel from various resources, enough to start having an idea of what 2021 has in stores for us. Here are several facts he managed to uncover:

  • Expected to debut with 2021's line second wave, the various sublines should see a rebranding: Attack Pack will be replaced by new Wild Pack, upgraded to Savage Strike-style gimmicks
  • Savage Strike possibly discontinued--possibly Wild Pack is a merger, expensive Savage Strike gimmicks with cheaper Attack Pack decoes
  • Roar Attack will replace Sound Strike
  • Massive Biters replaced by similar-size new Mega Destroyer (rumored to include capture gear)
  • Between the capture gear and the Nostalgia Trip Gallimimus deco, it's looking like Mattel is really trying to take inspiration from Classic Kenner
  • Some dinos still listed under codenames at Universal insistence to avoid spoilers
As always, this list doesn't come from official sources and is potentially subject to change. But that should give you a good idea of what we can expect next year. This list will obviously continue being updated, but in the meanwhile, enjoy! ;)

Update: as you may know, the release of Jurassic World Dominion was postponed in 2022, thus forcing Mattel to totally reorganize next year's line-up. Our very own Diamondback, along with our friends over at Collect Jurassic managed to dig up juicy info about what to expect next year. And this new line, called Dino Escape, should definitely deliver! Much of what we already knew was confirmed by Collect Jurassic's report, but they revealed something quite interesting that had been hinted at by Mattel before: a new sub-line consisting of human/dino two-packs, an excellent way to release new human figures (which are usually slower sellers than dinosaurs) without risking to see them clogging up shelves (everyone remembers the dozens of Owens in their local store). Great move, Mattel! And of course, as usual, take all this with a grain of salt, as plans can always change in the toy industry, especially with the current Covid situation. Take care of yourself and your close ones, and enjoy! :)

Human Pack

No confirmed characters/species so far.

Wild Pack

Baby Nasutoceratops
Moros Intrepidus
"Speed Dino #1"
"Speed Dino #2"

Roar Attack

"Dino 4"
"Dino 5"
Ceratosaurus 2
Baryonyx redeco ("Chaos"?)

Mega Destroyer

No confirmed species so far.

Large Dinos

Super Colossal Carnotaurus "Toro"
Super Colossal Giganotosaurus